3 Years

We are considered the Babies of Infertility because my husband and I are in our 20’s. We got married in 2005 and then 2 years later in January of 2007 decided it was time, we were going to start a family. We were so excited, prepared for it to take awhile since all the books say it might take 12 months or so but we never thought we would find ourselves still struggling to start our family 5 years later.

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of my due date from our first pregnancy. One year after we started trying we were more than excited to learn that we were expecting. 2008 had started out amazingly. Our dream was about to come true, we were going to be parents. With a plus sign our lives had changed drastically. All of a sudden we were cleaning out a bedroom, calling the doctor, changing what we ate and decorating. October 27th, 2008 was going to be an amazing day. It was the most amazing week and a half.

Then just as quickly the dark clouds rolled in. Valentine’s Day marked our loss. We were devastated and didn’t know where to go. It had been a year of let downs and this one took all we had. We felt completely alone. The doctor didn’t want to see me and no one I knew understood. It was horrible.

Today was the first year I have felt at peace. I now know that great things are coming our way as we head toward adoption.]

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