Reminders on the Wall

On a forum a fellow hoping to adopt member posted that she has been trying to adopt their 2nd child for a few years and she gave herself until the end of 2011 and then she would be done. But she is struggling with this because she her heart is aching so much. It makes me so sad that she is dealing with this decision but when I thought about it we all reach that point. We did it just earlier this year with deciding where to go next. We had some major discussions about where to go when IVF failed and we stopped infertility treatments and decided adoption is the journey for us.

I responded to her that with a sign I have on my bathroom wall ~ in the small matters trust the mind, in the big matters the heart.

I realized that I have a lot of reminders on my walls that I look at everyday and that help me through. In the hall between the kitchen and living room we have ~ God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change ~ On the way down the stairs ~ Adventure is worthwhile in itself~ and I have been writing things on my wall in the office like ~ keep moving forward and hope.

I didn’t realize how much those reminders on my wall are a motivators when I need them.


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