13 Years Later

I remember walking down the hall after first period. Ethan was abnormally quiet and as we wound our way through everyone rushing to class. We didn’t even make it half way down the hall before he stopped me and asked “will you be my girlfriend” in the most awkward and amazingly sweet way.  He was super nervous because just a month an a half earlier I had said “no” when he asked. With a change of heart and a growing crush I said “yes.” Everyone else went quiet and we wandered the rest of the hall together smiling.

That was the beginning of what grew to puppy love, lust and true love. Here we are 13 years later, married and trying to start a family. When I think of all that we have made it through in our young years it’s somewhat of a miracle. We have truly grown together as we’ve faced our challenges through the years.

Infertility taking up 5 of the 13. It is truly strange to think of it in that sense. 5 of our 13 years together, more than 1/3 of our relationship we have been facing becoming parents and failed.

I am proud to say that we are going strong. We have an amazing relationship. We rarely fight, we discuss everything and respect one another. We are very happy together. He still makes me feel like a 16 year old, laughing until tears stream down our faces. We have so much fun together and we are blessed that we can actually say we are still in love after 13 years. Not many are able to grow together when they meet so young.

We have hope for the future and look forward to 50+ more years.

I love you Ethan Paul


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