Any age?

So I found myself up late last night browsing the web when I should have been organizing the office, of course. I ended up at the mentor program on the Idaho health and welfare website. Well, that lead me to Wednesday’s child. I found myself looking at the Photo listings, I am not sure I like that word, but that’s what they call them. And found a 7 year old girl. She’s stunning, there was something about her that drew me in. After reading her profile I don’t think we are right for her as we have pets and a few other things but every now and again I find myself glancing at their faces and my heart breaking for them.

I had closed out the website and then thought, maybe I should bookmark that page so I did a quick google search and came to a whole different page. So I started looking and there he was. A 9 year old boy who loves hockey, plays and tap dance. He loves to be read to and so even though Ethan and I had decided that an infant was the direction we wanted to go first of all, we didn’t rule out an older child if it was the right fit. For the first time I found myself truly wondering, is this the right fit?

I sprung it on Ethan, sorry babe, and he took some time to think about it and to my surprise, he wants to contact them and see where it leads. Are we crazy to be considering this completely new direction?



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