Surrounded by Adoption

My community of those who have been touched by adoption has grown by infinite numbers over the past few months. All of the online communities and when I say “we are hoping to adopt” it seems like the person knows someone, or hopes to adopt too or has adopted, or was adopted. It is amazing to me how many people out there have adoption, in some form in their lives.

As we wait patiently, at this moment anyway, I find myself so excited to hear of other peoples situations. Recently I saw a post on one of the groups from a woman who is pregnant and was hoping to find a lesbian adoptive couple. She gave a general reason as she wanted someone who is open and accepting. While I know that there are others out there who too are open and accepting this was the expectant mother’s preference and I think that should be respected. I found myself somewhat saddened by the responses she got. Most were comments like “good luck, but remember there are a lot of us out her who will be accepting,” you get the gist. I felt bad for this expectant mother because I feel she has every right to want what she wants and so I found myself thinking of a friend I had met online who fit the expectant mother’s wishes. I wasn’t sure they would hit it off but why not try, right? I nervously wrote to this friend and gave her the link to the page. She contacted her and to my overwhelming delight they matched! A wave of excitement rushed over me for her when she messaged to say they had been chosen. It was so incredible to have been a part of that and I felt privileged to have her share that with me.

So now I wonder, am I meant to work with adoptions in some way? Do I have a new calling? Who knows where life will lead me but I do know that I am headed in the right direction.

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