16 and Pregnant

Today has been a day with teenage pregnancy all over the place. This morning the radio had a discussion about this teen who is 15 and her mother is insisting that she keep the baby but the father’s mother would like to sign over his rights so they were trying to figure out if it is possible for him not to be a part of the babies life because they would like to give the baby up for adoption. My heart broke for this girl who is being pushed to keep the baby at 16. From working at a childcare center for teen parents during high school I saw several teens keep the baby expecting help from their parents but then once the baby arrives the parents expect the teen to raise the baby. I am sad for her, but I also know that if this teen want to really do this, she can. It will be hard, but she can. It sounds to me that she hasn’t learned about the options in open adoption and I hope that she does all the research she can to make a fully informed decision and find support for whatever direction she may want to go.

Then this evening I’ve been watching 16 and Pregnant. I had a hard time watching her try to add up the costs of things she’ll need. She kept saying she’d need a bassinet and a crib and then forgot the car seat. It was such an obvious sign of how much she has to learn. I’m sure she can learn it but i just felt like I wanted to sit down with her and say…”you don’t need a bassinet because you’ll have a crib and a car seat is very important.” I hope she does okay but I just felt like she needed guidance and it was sad she didn’t have it, or wouldn’t take it.

Teens having babies is a fact of our society today, but what can we do to help them make informed, educated and loving decisions for them and their unborn child? I often find myself wondering what the school does to help them learn about all of the options, or where they go of the school doesn’t have anything to offer? The more I learn about open adoption, the more I learn how little others know.


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