Back in 2003 when Ethan and I sat down to watch the show we never expected it to define so much of our lives. Today we finally sat down to watch the final episode I had been deliberately putting off for almost a month as I knew the tears would be flowing. This show has been somewhat of a soundtrack to our 20’s and it draws to an end, so do our 20’s.

As I look back at we started watching the basic drama it grew into somewhat of a comfort through it all. It gave us laughter and helped me shed tears as I was trying on make up for our wedding. The characters were there as I grew from a teenager into a woman. They helped me define my style a bit, opened my eyes to a bunch of music I never would have listened to and most of all their words gave meaning, direction and comfort when I needed it most. The feelings of joy as Payton met Lucas at the airport. The shock of the limo going off the bridge. The sadness of Brooke yearning to be a mother, but not being able to. All moments in these character’s lives but carefully placed words and songs that related to our lives.

So as I continue to dream of the future I will have I hold onto their words of wisdom and say “thank you” as your words will continue to carry me through while I hope for my wish…motherhood.


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