I am struggling with the generalizations that many people throw around whether it be fore adoption or infertility. When we were trying IVF we were constantly being told that it is irresponsible to implant more that ___ eggs from people out on the internet, which fine, have your opinion but I am going to discuss with my doctor and make the decision that is right for me.

And now tonight I was joining a group for closed adoptions. Well, that is what we have and there were a few people on the facebook post who commented that “adoptive parents who make that decision” and that it is never in the best interest of the child and that it isn’t to be taken lightly as we will be answering to our children one day. Well, my point is that stop generalizing and stop judging because each situation is different. I can’t say that ALL closed adoptions are in the best interest of the child and I can’t say that ALL open ones are. I am not in their shoes and I just can’t judge.

I feel like these people make blanket statements and don’t realize that my situation may not be what I expected originally but it is what is right for us because we are different than everyone else.

I know I will answer to her one day and I know that I will teach her to be confident and understanding of the decisions we and her birth parents made. Because we all love her and being a parent is about making those hard decisions.