After years of waiting and hoping the day finally came, earlier than I expected since she’s only 9 months but on my 30th birthday she said it “momma”. It was shocking and incredible all at the same time. I was filled with emotion. I had dreamt of the day that someone would call ME, Momma and it had finally come.

She is now using it like crazy, usually when she’s upset or needs something but it feels amazing every single time it comes out of her mouth. I so often look back at how I got here and wonder how I got so lucky to become this person who is called Momma and loved by this little being.

She took her first steps last Thursday, says momma, dada, papa, puppy, and hi. It feels incredible to watch her grow.

To those who are still dreaming of the day they too will hear those words – trust in yourself that you can make it through until you become a mother and that one day you will be looking back as all the pain and anger fades and this bright light smiles and says “momma”