Will I ever be accepted?

So I am now a Mom, it’s official. I went through hell to get here and I did all I could to stay sane in the process.

I used to get the attitude where people would say “oh you just wait until you’re a mom, it isn’t that easy” and “you won’t know until you’re a mom.” Well, here it is and not much sleep, and poopy diapers and crying and all that jazz just are part of the package. I was ready for this to be so much harder. That may sound conceited but it’s true. With all the complaining and griping I’ve listed to over the years I was ready for something way more difficult.

It is just so interesting how I’ve been listening to all this for so long and now that I’m almost a year into motherhood I am feeling like I wasn’t crazy and that when I used to say “you’ll just have to let them cry” and I’d get a response like “that’s easy for you to say, you’ll have a hard time when it’s your kid” I can say I did it and I wasn’t just saying things they were truly my beliefs.

This post has morphed a bit but the main topic was supposed to be that the other day I was discussing with a friend someone who is due and is anxious to be induced and have the baby since her other 2 were early and this one isn’t yet and I was just saying that each child is different and she should just relax. Then I got a look and “well it is uncomfortable.” I just feel the jab like well you weren’t pregnant so how the hell would you know?

And I’ve gotten a lot of that lately. Whether it is about an older child or situations that I haven’t been in yet the basic attitude of you won’t know until you’re there. Well, sure, I know my views may change and my sercumstances may be different but I know what my beliefs are and so I’m feeling like there is this vibe of you don’t know because you didn’t. Well, don’t talk to me about it then. I guess on the other hand I’ve been given a lot of advice lately about starting her on milk and giving her foods and I keep reminding people that her genetics aren’t mine so I don’t know what her allergies are likely to be if any so certain things we will have to follow the docs recommendations.

I may never have a child biologically and know what it is like to go through pregnancy but that does not negate that I am an educated person who has spent years researching and working in childcare. I just feel like many of these things aren’t necessarily about going through them but more about looking at the situation and addressing it from there.

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