Here we are 1 year into parenthood and my business is thriving. We are surrounded my people who love us and my relationship with my husband is incredible. What more could I ask for right?

Well, not much. At this point I am trying to grow my business just a bit more and appreciating that I am in a happy place. We have our health and now I feel I just need to find balance.

I want to give my all to each aspect of my life and for that reason I need to find balance between family, friends and business. I know I can it is just making the effort.

As I book more and more appointments my housework has gone down the toilet. When I’m with Mimi I want to give her all of my attention. And same for my clients.

Trying to search for a baby sitter has been challenging too. My best friend has so graciously watched her most of the time but I feel I am quickly approaching a need to hire someone. While exciting for my art, scary for me to trust a stranger. Ill figure it out though. Truly not much to complain about.

2 jobs and a date night tonight. Just missing my Mimi. Not enough time in the day for it all 🙂

Are you thinking of us? We’re thinking of you

A year ago we were not sleeping as we awaited the arrival of our baby girl. We were anxious, tired, and hoping that her birth parents were doing alright.

Today I think of them and wonder if they think of us, or rather of her. I think of them often as I look at her and think about how lucky I am to be completely in love with this little being. I am honored that I have been chosen to be her mother.

As I watch her I wish that they are happy, healthy and living the life they dream of.

They gave us the life we were dreaming of for so long and I am eternally grateful for that. I hope for their happiness and that they know i think of them fondly and often.

With love
To my dream makers

The hard questions?????

Our home study is coming due next month and we are finding ourselves asking the hard question. What to do next? We are at the point now that we have to figure out what to do. Do we renew, and if we do are we going to start the adoption process again?

I thought we had left IVF and infertility in the past? And then I find myself considering it for one day. Not soon, just one day. And then I wonder what the hell I’m thinking. It was an emotional roller coaster filled with emotions I couldn’t control and changes in my body that were both good and bad. But is it worth considering?

Then I find myself thinking about all the same things when we first considered adoption and much more. We have this smart, funny, perfect little being who relies on us and adding a new member to the family will have an impact on her in good ways and possibly bad. We have to be ready for that and consider that we aren’t just bringing a baby into our family we are possibly bringing birth parents who could have an impact on her.

So, who knows when or where we will go from here. All I know is that I am happy to have this amazing little girl who entered our world almost a year ago and she brings us so much joy each day so either way we have our happily ever after.