Here we are 1 year into parenthood and my business is thriving. We are surrounded my people who love us and my relationship with my husband is incredible. What more could I ask for right?

Well, not much. At this point I am trying to grow my business just a bit more and appreciating that I am in a happy place. We have our health and now I feel I just need to find balance.

I want to give my all to each aspect of my life and for that reason I need to find balance between family, friends and business. I know I can it is just making the effort.

As I book more and more appointments my housework has gone down the toilet. When I’m with Mimi I want to give her all of my attention. And same for my clients.

Trying to search for a baby sitter has been challenging too. My best friend has so graciously watched her most of the time but I feel I am quickly approaching a need to hire someone. While exciting for my art, scary for me to trust a stranger. Ill figure it out though. Truly not much to complain about.

2 jobs and a date night tonight. Just missing my Mimi. Not enough time in the day for it all 🙂

One thought on “Balance

  1. It’s a tricky juggling act. Best of luck finding a babysitter – it will hopefully take some of the pressure off and make your time with Mimi all the more precious.

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