The Face Of Intertility

I am working on a project that I am calling the Face of Infertility. I think we all have a vision that those who struggle with infertility are generally older women who can’t conceive because they are reaching the end of their child bearing years and have chosen to have a career instead and so now they finally want to have children and they can’t because they’ve waited too long.

Or the man has an issue and it’s rather funny, in the movies, because it challenges his manhood.

Those people in the movies just simply try IVF and try again if needed. In the movies it is monopoly money, who cares how much it costs, right?

This general stereotype of infertility is just so very off and so I am hoping to show the many faces of infertility.

   These are two hopeful faces of infertility. We are about to go in for our first, and last round even though we didn’t know it at the time, of IVF. As I look at it now I realize how much we put into this process and the doctors and want to tell those slightly younger versions of ourselves to put their money and hope into someone else’s hands. The upside of hindsight.





Meeting our baby for the first time.

Meeting our baby for the first time.


These are the faces of two people who are meeting their child for the first time and becoming parents. Tears of joy as we meet our precious girl. Pure love!

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